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Washington takes over the Frank Sinatra role as Ben Marco, a Gulf War veteran desperately trying to stop his friend from making a grave mistake. Washington also stars as Dr. Jerome Davenport , the psychiatrist assigned to treat Fisher after a violent outburst against a fellow crewman. Though a little too labyrinthine for its own good, the film is a fitting tribute to the gritty crime thrillers that inspired it.

He plays Nat Serling, a U. Yet this is more than just a well-crafted mystery: despondent after a deadly mistake of his own, Serling plunges headfirst into the case to distract from his problems at home. Washington gives a performance filled with grief and anguish that was unbelievably overlooked by the Academy.

Among his many collaborations with the late Tony Scott , this revenge thriller about a former assassin Washington out to avenge the death of a young girl Dakota Fanning he was sworn to protect is one of the best. While a bit overlong, the film has several bravura action sequences and affecting performances by Washington, Fanning, and Christopher Walken as an oddball friend. He plays Hunter, a young First Officer aboard a U. Based on a true story, Washington plays Herman Boone, a coach who leads a newly-integrated high school football team to victory in the s.

Historically inaccurate. But a crowd pleaser? Yet writer-director Spike Lee turns this into a powerful father-son drama with knockout performances by Washington and real life NBA star Allen.

He stars in this Robert Zemeckis drama as an alcoholic pilot who saves almost all of his passengers with a daring landing while on the sauce. As i was soon to learn, my shoulder was broken. I knew immediately it was a lesson for me. As you know, your right arm controls the throttle and front brake — primary controls on the motorcycle. My work involves women, motorcycles and personal power. I heard God saying…You think you know about power and control. I had ignored warning signs including a little speeding ticket to slow down; now I had to. It was a really dark time for me, but also one of transformation.

I was riding again in 3 months, my life and work took on new meaning and focus. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. O Liz I am so happy you wrote — it is a dark time which I tend to couch in humor. Do you have a book out? I think I have something with your name on it? Unless I am predicting it ahhaah. Colette, When I was 20 years old I moved to another state to attend college on a music scholarship.

Before my semester started I was in a car wreck and injured my neck and right shoulder. I moved home and my life totally changed direction. I ended up studying Social Work in college. While healing from my injuries I started learning about energy healing and really got in touch with my intuition.

That accident put me squarely on my path and changed my life forever. I am so glad you are ok and finding joy in this journey! I have a good friend who had a motorcycle accident on major FL highway. After 6 months of intensive care, surgeries, therapy, energy healing and any other alternative medicine, he was released from the hospital.

Now, we are talking few major surgeries and removing a part of his brain that was damaged. We all knew that he got a second chance from the Universe. Well, almost exactly 6 months after he was released from the hospital, he rode his bike no more motorcycle and got hit by a car. He made it again. My 8 yo daughter at that time for instance wrote to the governor of FL asking to establish the law of wearing helmets when riding motorcycles. I live in a no helmet state too. People ride here with tshirts no helmets etc.

I wear the whole shebang — helmet safety gear etc. Thanks for sharing Colette! I had a near-death experience where I nearly drowned to death in the ocean…. Due to that incident, that same year I developed awful panic attacks at night, petrified at the thought of dying and being dead. I was crying and freaking out every single night — I must have been driving my spirit guides NUTS because of my desperate pleas for help to ease the attacks. But one night, I actually saw my guide or an angel maybe?

Now you have proof so go back to sleep! I had a feeling I was meant to go through the suffering for so many different reasons…. I too have just experienced a slight accident.. Colette, Love the nail polish color. Boot duty is never fun and hopefully you will heal well so you can get back on your metal horse and ride. Many lessons have been learned from you and all your followers.

Bless all of you! I hope you are feeling better day by day. While the circumstances may, at first glance, appear to be negative, I definitely believe in the silver lining being draped around every seemingly unfortunate situation. The accident is merely the circumstance which has invited you to engage in the inquiry of the message Spirit may have for you. Perhaps Spirit is simply reminding you that in the hustle and bustle of all that you are doing to find time to slow down a little from time to time. Spirit may be reminding you that it can be difficult to be fully present when the pace of life is too fast for too long.

Spirit may be inviting you to lead a more balanced life. Perhaps a more balanced life would encompass continuing to offer all that you do and more while also enjoying more down time, play time, time for family and friends and such. The circumstance could also be a wonderful reminder to persevere, especially since it could be so easy to buy into the fear and walk away from riding altogether. I am certain that as you use this time to heal and commune with your soul, all that is meant to be revealed, will be.

Colette, my whole life has changed in the past few years. My 13 yr. I am so thankful that you are still with us. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us. I wonder if the temptation to change my name or edit my settings as I comment here reflects some degree of shame? I know they it does. And I knew it! One night I proudly filled my fridge, and set out on cooking dinner. I burned it. I tentatively asked my sister- 3rd in line to shower- if she thought I was out of balance. Did I go to the sauna too much? Was I too tan? I felt the abundance of fire in my constitution… No, no.

That very night, as everyone slept, I exited the shower at 11pm. I could smell smoke, a little. I could hear a faint alarm. It got louder. I had taken steps to ensure my normally night-life loving sister was home, so I woke her up. My little haven was on its way up in flames and I had very efficiently escorted everyone out, called , put on underwear, and grabbed my keys, wallet phone.

Too bad I was devastated, beneath it all. I just wanted to know how all the working and scrimping and saving, all the memories, could be gone. I rebuilt the life of my dreams, with that attitude. I bet you know what happened to that… It crumbled. I retreated. Moved in with my parents. One more time, with an extra child in tow and 2 new drug habits hooked and dumped. I tried, but like you said, there was something missing.

When the family home burned down too, I was really ashamed. It took a long time in isolation to even try to recover even one dream I had, and even longer to get up the nerve to reach for it. You did ask for it and you sure got it.. Nobody wants to believe that this disaster is what they wanted or what they asked for.

I promise. I have been forced to stop and slow downing times. I would say that three things occurred that set the stage for total transformation. The first one would be enduring a car accident that completely totaled our car with only one year left till payoff. That accident was okay but three months after that first accident we endured another car accident that nearly totaled that car. Needless to say it woke me up to living the dream instead of saying one day.

It propelled me into fulfilling my dreams and moving towards my next venture. It required me to focus on my purpose and really look at what I wanted in life. Then a year after that next knee down and surgery bound. This time I was forced to focus on my health and well being. I think sometimes you have to be vulnerable in order to grow. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you to slow down a little and smell the roses…. Thank you for your generosity and insights. Wishing you full recovery. Wishing you a Speedy recovery………….. He died March …I came home, within 2 months, my parrot I had for over 25 years died Aug …..

Am I supposed to plan? These are not questions for you to answer or help me with……. I own them. Good luck Colette. I hope you enjoy your holiday!! Its truly deserved! Maybe grab a few good book huh? Hope you are feeling better C!!! Why do I think that your accident happened ages ago? Did you have a difficult time learning how to drive a bike? Was there something with your instructor? Some shaming or something? I could have sworn you broke a foot ages ago…. Never broken a thing in 55 years! So sorry to hear of your accident Colette, hope you are on the mend. Yes i do think you need to slow down.

I slipped on a wet floor at work and after having one major hip operation, i am now recovering from the 2nd operation. I have just had a total hip replacement. At the age of 51 this is total devastation! I have to go to court to fight work-care and i have no clue where and when this will all end. What was i suppose to learn. Donna 21st, November Donna… only you can soul search this one.

You need to go within and slowly the answers will come. In I had a really minor accident, followed by surgical misadventure and 2 years later in I had a fall that damaged my lower back. I had been studying for a Diploma in Family therapy, but still had two years to go. The rug was completely pulled out from under me and I was unable to continue in the work I was doing as I lost the use of my right hand and arm. Losing my power of choice, my absolute control, after being incapacitated by an accident was a huge shock to my ego and took me to places I thought I had long since left behind which added to the shock.

Anger visited, Pity visited, Fear, Panic, Stress, Worry and in the middle of this was all of the physical pain! I was on an emotional roller coaster which I realized eventually with the help of an awesome specialist, was a totally normal reaction. Go gently and take it easy on yourself as you heal, beautiful Goddess Colette! You will have even more treasures to share with us after this journey. Well, how timely. One week ago today I had a car accident. My inattention did cause it, but there was another factor — a HUGE farm fertilizer truck driving on the shoulder of the road with no signaling to merge with the highway traffic that was going 80 and 90 kmh!!

By the grace of God, everyone was ok. The truck left the scene but we tracked him down later. I have been under a lot of relationship stress lately, but this had abated somewhat. I had just left my Kundalini yoga class and attribute my relaxed feeling to that. I have spent the last week in a fog, feeling ashamed for causing grief to another human being, but trying to be thankful for my life. I realize how very lucky I am. There had been a fatal accident in the same place the week before. Now that the symptoms of post-traumatic stress are starting to subside, I will be more likely to ponder what this means to my life.

And thankyou for writing this because I may not have thought to look twice at this life event.

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I wish you much love and light, and a speedy recovery! Thank God for your life! Dear Colette i think the universe was tell ing you to slow down, i use to be rushing around like a loon now i cant even get out of bed , never mind a motorcycle , have not seen you for a few years we met on 2 cruises, one with Gordon Smith and 1 with Sylvia Browne, keep well ,stay Safe, from Veronica in Liverpool England xxx. I was not going to write, as a matter of fact , when I went into Staples on Tuesday, I was thinking, perhaps I will run into Colette again and give her my thoughts on her accident, hee hee.

But you asked , so here goes…. Almost 2 years ago, I was running at warp speed. I was spending more time taking care of my clients, teaching workshops, blah blah….. I think they had a plan. I was hugging on Madeline, the youngest mare, when I zigged and she zagged. The front hoof of her lb body landed on my left foot. I was taken to my knees. I then fell down the stairs and broke it better, if there is such a thing.

Workshops can be Skyped, and so on………. Fast forward a year. Back to warp speed for me! One morning, I could not even walk when I got out of bed in the morning. Severe Plantar Faciitis!! As I sit here on the bed with my feet elevated, I say to you, please take your time getting back to warp speed, so you at least have one good foot to hobble on!! OMG wink and we know who that person is..

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What extraordinary lessons! My good foot is connected to the wrecked leg from the motorcycle accident. Fascinating stuff. Dr Darren Weissman took me through a Lifeline technique once over the phone and he unravelled , or rather my body unraveled the tendons right then and there and I was able to heal in no time. YOu might consider that. The foot is all about fear of moving forward. Contemplating a change of job, first in 17 years. In the fall of , I was a passenger in a motorcycle accident. Luckily, we had minor injuries and we healed well. We were traveling down a curvy road Elwyn Road in Portsmouth and, as we were going around the curve by what is now the Urban Forestry Center, the bike laid down and slid off the road.

We, luckily, landed between a tree and a telephone pole. March 30, He passed a few days later. The days that followed filled me with guilt, for he had been going through a rough self-imposed — but that is a story for another time time. He had tried to reach out to me after he and his wife had split up. I had not reached back. The turning point for me was the night he showed up in my dreams, as some others have before, to tell me not to worry and that he knows I love him as the dear friend that he was.

I had not been focusing on the intuitive side of my life and his visit was a beautiful reminder. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. A simple case of missing the last step outside my house and not wanting to fall on my 20 lb dog who was I front of me. I also had to rely on co-workers to drive me to work since it was my right ankle. Enough about me — I send you encouragement. Take each day one at a time and celebrate the little milestones as it sounds like you are with your recent walk. YOu all think I broke my foot on the motorcycle ,.. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us!

I send you energy healing to a fast recovery. How lucky you are not to have been in a worse condition? My life story at this stag in my life of the young age of 61 is this year I was told I have an uncommon auto immune disease call Myasthenia Gravis which effects all your muscles. There is no cure for this so the doctor tells me ,but I plan on showing him different.

As I sit in a hospital bed extremely sick from Meds it dawns on me that this journey is to teach me lessons and the doctors lessons that its the Body ,Mind , and Soul that heal our human body. As the doctors watch me I turn to meditation music to help me over being sick and accept the drugs I have to have for this condition. I will help teach them of the spirit and soul in the healing process and they will teach me of the body and being more grounded.

I do need this body to live hear in this plain of what we call earth. I wish is to help people in showing them how to use meditation as a guide to help with sickness and pain and not just drugs. Thank you so much for being you! Love and Blessings Nancy from Maine. Nancy, I read your inspiring post and just wanted to send you many blessings! Sending you so much love and light! Dear Colette, Sending you prayers of fast healing and strength. I recently quit a high stress job whic paid very well.

I was losing my focus and passion for life as I was on this path for five years. After several months of planning, I paid my mortgage several months ahead and jumped from my current position with the plans of rebalancing my life over the summer. First time I have not been working in many, many years! I dreamed of having a position where I could help people, mostly children.

I also dreamed that I could create my own schedule and work from my home office. My sanctuary is my back yard, when I traveled I often would invision being there listening to the birds, taking in the beauty of the flowers and just coming aware of who I was. Today I am having lunch with a nonprofit called Nourish only four years old. I am accepting the position of Food Justice Director newly created. I will be working with seven organic farms and our local chefs to bring better menu selections to our schools.

In addition creating educational programs on creating healthy meals for families on a fixed income. All is amazingly beautiful to me. Yes, my income will be different; but in turn I will be different. At the end of the day, I can say I made a difference. That is my dream. I want to truly thank you Colette as I was introduced to you in Lombard a couple of summers ago during the peak of my stress. I was volunteer for a couple of your programs. My coach was able to open my eyes and my heart which was completely shut down. Being in a great space emotionally, I know that I can now become focused on my health and well being.

Between April and May this year, I lost what I thought was my dream job, filed for divorce after many long years of trying to make a marriage work and developed a super painful case of shingles! Wake-up call. It is a daunting assignment. The lessons of patience and trust in self and universe are scary……. I lookforward to having the hindsight to know what all means!

Hi Colette. My husband and I have 50 cc scooters that we bought two years ago. I am 63 years old and am having the time of my life with them and so is my husband. From day one I have said that we should be wearing helmets though Delaware ha no helmet law.

Mickey Rooney filmography

I know how great the wind feels whipping through my hair. But I wear glasses and the wind in my eyes makes it very hard to see when my eyes tear up. So I bought two helmets, one for me and one for hubby. He refuses to wear one.. I saw all the patients in the rehab hospital who had been in motor cycle accidents…some with half their skull missing. I have begged my husband to wear one but he remains stubborn. I am not psychic but I do have flashes of intuition at times.

I told him not so kindly that if he has a bad crash and ends up a vegetable, I refuse to take care of him. My gut feeling is that it is only a matter of time before one of us has either a close call or an accident, and so I bought a full face motorcycle helmet in bubble gum pink so that I can be easily seen. Is it a fashion horror?

Yup, but I do feel more secure wearing it. I guess if my intuition were more believable or I had a track record of precognitive feelings coming true, then maybe he would listen. Till then, I will nag away, and pray that I am way off base. I know how to ride. When I was learning to ride back in the 80s my boyfriend the time said something to me that was hard for me to fathom…. It will get you out of bad situations. Get a bike which is easy to maneuver. I would recommend a Honda which is soooooooooooo easy to navigate.

We want you to be safe!!! Accidents, wake up calls. I knew each time before hand. I am going to test drive some other bikes regardless but I have an awesome instructor who teaches the police courses out here who will take me out on the back of his bike for a while til I get the feel of it. The sand on the road..

O well this is what happened. OY VEY. Hi Colette, my moment came with an unplanned Pregnancy with my long term boyfriend. I was on A road to disaster, personal life was a mess, we Weathered a very rocky 6 months of pregnancy Together fraught with weekly trips to the hospital From placenta bleeding before giving birth to Our beautiful baby girl. She passed over and through Her and our grief of losing her we came together and Got back on our path and went on to have 2 more Beautiful children and get married.

That all happened 18 years ago and we have both come so far spiritually So you just needed some time to take stock and Reevaluate. Sending good juju beans!!!!! For answers to questions? Can, if there is a will and keep trying. Best Hug. Thank you for sharing your experience Collette.. I literally fell flat onto my face, knocked out for?? I have no physical underlying health issues that may have caused it..

Who knows?. What I do know without any doubt is that when I energetically asked for help from the other realms, angel people came in to help me, a non Spanish speaker, at the airport, in the ambulance, at the hospital in two separate visits, at the hotel when my travel insurer demanded heaps of paperwork but offered no practical support.. No frills, no trying to figure it out.. Lovely kind wonderful folk have reached out.. How cool is that! Collette we are truly blessed.. We are not alone …. Only a few days ago I read that another author whim I also admire..

Energy healing has done wonders.. These are amazing times.. Glad you are ok now. Two years ago the company that I had worked at for 15 yrs went through a buy out. My job as a nurse went through many changes. In the process many of the people I had worked with for years either quit or were fired, we moved to a new office building, changed computer systems twice and on and on and on.

Bottom line is after about a year of constant change with this new company I got shingles. I eventually quit and now I have started my own company practicing reflexology. I intend to go back to school for massage therapy and energy healing and to practice that as well. Thank you for sharing your stories, you have been a big help to me through my own transition. I bet you learned something when you went down… like the weight of that bike and at what angle you lost the ability to maneuver it.

I wanted to get a scooter since gas got so expensive. I thought I would use it for around town stuff. My guides showed me out on the road that I would not be seen. I hope you ask your guides next purchase what bike you have the best chance on. My experience in healing… Reiki is pretty amazing. I was in an accident Saturday morning that involved my 99 Mazda Protege slamming into a Subaru Forester—I think you can guess which vehicle was able to drive away from that accident.

The other car the Forester turned left in front of me and I could not stop in time. This brief warning allowed me to engage my core and when I was thrown forward by the crash, slowed myself to the point where I only tapped the windshield with almost no impact. My air bag did not go off I walked away with a small scratch on my arm, some small bruises on my knees. I was able to work out most of the soreness and muscle trauma on the yoga mat. The people I hit were wonderful.

She is a doctor in integrative medicine and was quite interested that I do Reiki. Her husband was driving and felt terrible—he was crying when I got out of my car to check on them. Not because he was injured, but because he felt so bad. None of us were substantially injured—rattled to be sure.

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  • The amazing thing was that we all acted with such love—there was no blame, no shouting, no overt anger. The police took 40 minutes to get there and by that time the husband and I were sitting in his car chatting—the officer was quite puzzled by it all.

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    The miracles went on—the tow truck driver showed up and to take my car and I started crying. He told me the car was likely totaled and he could take it to his lot to wait for the insurance company—then, he gave me a ride to my apartment, tow truck and all and helped me unload several years of personal possessions out of the car. Just yesterday, he called to see if it was ok if the insurance company salvaged the car and was also asking if I was ok, if I was able to get a settlement. I had left the house without my phone, or my insurance card. The wife loaned me her phone to call my insurance company, the tow truck driver went out of his way—when I first crashed I felt very sad and alone.

    But I only thought I was in it alone—and maybe other than slow down that is one of the important lessons. I am supported and cared for regardless of circumstance, regardless of whether or not I can reach my friends, or whether I am single or attached. There are more tiny miracles within this that I have not mentioned and I suspect there are some yet to unfold but I have rambled on enough I think. I am so grateful that you survived the accident with minimal injury.

    Thank you for sharing your story and allowing your readers to see this very human side of you. I can relate my horse rolled on me at a dead gallop…at that time in my life.. Listen and become conscious …now I get messages before hand to remind me not to loose my balance…which is still a wake up call in a much kinder manor…thank you for all you do you are much appreciated! Whether we realize it at the time or not. How many of us have expressed desires, subconsciously or not, only to have them granted and then we find ourselves surprised and unprepared?

    In I was almost killed crossing street not watching only listening ……. I was before the accident very unhappy with myself and full of anxiety and sorrow. My father was a psycopat and i am very sensitive like person , but it,s good that i am because i need it in my profession I,m a Violinist and Violist This accident opened my eyes ;an d I started to change my life …….. I have missed them for some time now , and through this article I see why …look forward to get them again! Friendly hallo Marie Opsahl Norway Oslo.

    I just try to always remember to be thankful.. In other wordsInstead of a head on collsion.. Blessed Be.. I can really relate. I injured my foot last winter and had to have surgery. I was stuck in my house for a long time, but I enjoyed having extra time for myself without worrying about what I have to do tomorrow day after day.

    I was also able to use this downtime to create a beautiful website for my new business. I pray for your smooth recovery. Sometimes we are dealt some things in life that is all about making changes when we least expect it. My life has been dotted with two major wake up calls, coming 27 years apart, both were surprising events, but wake up calls nonetheless. The first was an stoopid accident on a ski slope which cut me off at the knees for years. The second, however, was a surgical procedure gone awry. The first slowed me down, the second stopped me in my tracks as it nearly terminated my life.

    While I thought I had learned my lesson the first time, the second was more than just a hammer over the head! After both I did make life changing alterations to how I lived, worked and thought. Both events, in my case, were centered around work and ambition. Looking back, both came at a time when I was so busy and ensconced in my work and the need to succeed, I had forgotten how to LIVE!

    So, these events are really periods of time where it is suggested that we do a deep level gut check. Both were centered around ambition and work and am not I knew what was really important to ME! It has taken years to implement a new lifestyle after the last wake up call, but can honestly say I have LIVED more in the last year and a half than I have lived in my lifetime. I spent last winter living in paradise where every trip to the beach was used to throw a little bit more ambition out to the sea.

    While I am still following my passion and doing the work I love, there is time for me to travel and see things I have never seen, do things I have never done and am still learning how to just be, where ever that may be. I feel I have finally arrived. The balance is extraordinary. The need to live and enjoy the simple things in life is finally more important than the need to succeed! It has taken a lifetime to arrive in this place. And is not the destination any more. It is about the journey. And what a journey this has been! Stay well, take care and as I know you will, use this time for what it is intended, whatever that may be!

    My 2 cents! If you listen to it hope it brings a smile to your face. Sending healing energy to you and your legs. Sorry to hear how life handed you the big mirror the hard way — and happy that you have accepted it. Yow — you had been pressing the pedal to the metal for awhile! I got my mirror voluntarily.

    We had agreed to move together to wherever that was…as long as the job was right, and I felt I could live in that city. Just prior to our move, I had been busting my butt for 4 months, designing and writing a major read: multi-million dollar grant. Well, as fate would have it, I received the grant, and one month later retired from that job in order to move.

    A perfect storm? Hard to know…. I decided this was the time to figure out what my real purpose in life is, so I have been unemployed, and focusing on who my true self is. Oh Colette, I am chuckling to myself, for my 2-inches is right in the here and now! Break-neck speed — understatement. Ah…hold the phone Krys, Source Energy is trying to get your attention love…my message was that of focus and where I needed to put my energy.

    It might as well have been a motorcycle accident, for the pain of it all was just ridiculous. And literally 2 hours from now, that is exactly what I will be doing — on my show no less. I was clearly obsessed with both the horse and Mr. Can you guess how my story ends? Or ride at your own risk… and break a few things… most likely… your heart…. I am so glad you are OK and are here to write this. That sounds like a very frightening accident. I have had a very rough year, in which I lost my mom to cancer in October, and then my father suddenly to a heart attack in February.

    It has been an incredibly painful year. IT is not about money. It is about sentimetal value and holding on to the most profound connection to my parents. The balance of mourning and letting go is a hard balance for me. While I think I honour my grieving, I struggle with letting go of any connection with them, and especially my mom who was my best friend.

    And during times of extreme tension with some siblings, I am even more preoccuppied and sad. I feel like I am always rushing around whether in my teaching job or appointments to help me deal with personal health issues etc. In all of this, I seem to find myself more isolated and alone, which also saddens me. So I walk around sad, preoccupied and always seem to be rushing. One night after an appointment, I decided to go to a movie, to lighten my mood.

    After I was leaving the movie theatre and the credits were rolling, I started to leave. I walked down a few steps to exit the theatre, and because lighting was low, I misgaged the step and fell 5 steps. I fell hard and landed with a big clunk! I badly bruised my arms and knees. Needless to say, it was quite embarassing, and kind people offered to help me get up from the floor. I was shaken up. I have gone to movies so many times, why did I fall and fall so hard,and in such a public way? As I write this 3 days later, I am sore and stiff. Really I feel battered and bruised from the inside out!

    I have had other health challenges in the past, and a few recent scares, so the last thing I needed, was to get all banged up. Why now? Although this was not life threatening, I have had other life threatening events serious car accident, cancer over the last several years, I feel like this was a milder wake up call of some kind. Did I not get the message in the other more serious scares?

    DIY Book Angel // Under $5 Christmas Decor

    Dear Colette, Thank you for sharing your pure, honest soul! As I read your words and thought provoking questions, I am appreciative of the beauty our paths traveled! My purpose and passion collided in an awakening back in November My physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing was exhausted. I had nothing left in me. I remember thinking as I was driving home from work that if I died right now, I would be dying the most unhappiest person.

    I went home and days later left my job. I spent days resting to heal myself. Worries about finances.. At that moment I surrendered! I told god that I do not know where I am going and who I am meant to be in this moment but that I trust that this is where I am meant to be on my journey.

    the little barons christmas angel creative consciousness book 9 Manual

    I laid there surrendering to What Is… A sense of quiet and peace came over me. I then began looking at nature photos that I had taken on the trails that I walk with my golden retrievers. I began noticing that in every picture there was a heart in the branches of the trees…A message was beginning to shine through… 5 months later.. Hearts nature surround us in every step we take. Peace and joy come from the inner connection to heart. With deep inner connection to our hearts, our truth can be found. By living our truth with passion and purpose we live life awake, aware and alive!

    We love you Colette! I too want to share about me, per your invitation. I have you to thank for that realization. I also want to say to you how much you have helped me to believe in my Divine Spirit. You are precious-dear!! We met at the Wash. My Suburu Forester was totaled. I could feel my heart physically move in the impact, but I was not injured, other than a sore chest and PTSD-like for several weeks.

    I felt AA Michael protect me in the impact. My car also encased me and absorbed the impact rather than me. I am a walking miracle—though I was that before the accident! My whole life has come in to greater focus because of my brush with mortality. I was so conscious, and had I been called home, I would have done it consciously, calmly. Then, on February 7th, I missed the last step coming downstairs in my house.

    I had severely sprained my left ankle in a very bizarre accident 2 years ago and had been told that my ankle would be more vulnerable from there on. It so happened that I landed on the same foot, the ankle ligaments could not take the surprise impact, and the foot buckled. I heard a loud pop, and felt it too, collapsing on the floor on my back, screaming and crying in intense discomfort pain. My 20 year old cat Meena, who is stone deaf at her age and sleeps most of the day upstairs, came running down to my aid, sitting right next to me, purring.

    I could feel her absorbing my pain. She would not leave my side. She is my baby. My husband was home too, and came running down the stairs. He thought I was crying out because I may have either discovered my kitty deceased, or that I may have heard word that maybe my Father may have died suddenly. Turns out I severely sprained that same ankle and sustained two parallel spiral fractures of the 5th metatarsal. A week later, I had surgery to have a screw placed to put the bones together.

    As an aside, that night was intensely painful—it felt like a dragon had my foot in a tight squeeze with fire on top, without let-up. I bore witness to that. I too was in the big ugly boot—though I love my boot! I could not put any weight on the foot for many weeks, was home with a walker, etc. I was in an altered state of consciousness for weeks. At 6 weeks, the x-rays showed not much bone healing.

    My beloved surgeon, Dr. P, said 6 more weeks in the boot. My husband was and has been so supportive on every level. He is my saving grace! I am working again, am out of the boot, but wear a brace to protect the ankle and foot. The bone is still healing, it still hurts at times. The ankle needs PT, but has to wait for the bone to heal completely. I feel so much more energy, and embrace each new day with so much gratitude. I feel brand new in so many ways.

    I feel like your balance card, because it is a thin silk line of grace. I walk it mindfully in the here and now. I am so grateful for it all! So, my heart goes out to you Colette. I know you will embrace all the gifts of your healing. It is your personal and very sacred journey.

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    2. Leader Legend;
    3. Simon & Schuster | eBook - Available For Sale Now!

    I look forward to hobbling the trail with you in your and my healing, along with so many others. I look forward to reading your blog with so many chiming in. We are all so blessed to have this forum.

    About this book

    I send you so much healing love!! After the car accident, I had a few rental cars. One was a Cadillac SUV because it was the only car available at the time in that class size. It was too big and awkward. I had my husband take it back. I felt no connection to it. Collette, I hope you heal quickly- miss seeing you around in Toronto I am so proud of you and all your insights —really enjoy taking it all in.

    Would love to connect. Dear Colette, Thank you so much for opening such an interesting dialogue. Several years ago I was so busy, over the top tired running a new business, taking care of two small children and living in a very unhappy marriage unaware of a way out. I remember saying to God no joke. Well, prayer was answered in less than a month. My mom was dying of cancer and I spent a month In the hospital with her, washing her, dressing her and feeding her until her death. So, I got what I asked for….. And, I am so grateful that I had that time with her.

    Life has definitely taken many different twists and turns since then. Thank you so much for sharing your story and to all the others who have shared their stories. I love sharing and reading others shares as well. With love and grace, Trina. Dear Colette, When I opened your email this morning I thought the Universe was speaking to me personally. You see I too am in a boot.

    The boot is phase 2 of my recovery from a fall from my horse. I was in a cast for 7 weeks broken ankle and could put no weight on it at all. Now I am on crutches and can put a little weight ,going to physical Therapy. I know what its like when you struggle to do the smallest tasks and have to be dependent on others. I think one lesson I learned is to listen to my intuition.

    I also think I was not being clear about the path we were taking and this upset him , after all I was the driver and as you know from motorcycle school you look where you want to go not at the obstacles. Anyway, I now struggle with the question of wether to keep my beautiful Arabian horse or not. I have also been looking in that mirror of my life and assessing what path am I on? So I may just keep him and take it very slow when I do decide to get back on. Both times I went home, unharmed when I should have been dead or very seriously injured.

    The first one happened on the way home from a beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara. I was leaving SB but was driving past a little church that was open, I was feeling so much gratitude, I stopped in and sat in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary in a garden and expressed my deepest gratitude..

    I then got on the freeway and Major Crash, nobody else was harmed either. A Miracle. I got a replacement car and put a medallion with the Virgin on my rear view mirror. Moments after getting on the freeway, accident neither my fault my ego wants to add. Again, safe!