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I love connecting with all of the spirits I work with, but there is something extra special about Bruce. One day, Bruce came around and gave me a message for Kari. I emailed her the message and she thanked me, as always. Instead of the text that Kari intended to send, the email I sent her with the messages from her dad in spirit was sent to her sister.

I thought that was amazing, but I was still skeptical. Loved ones in heaven reaching out via text? I needed more proof… and I got it when a client named Susan contacted me. Of course, Susan was half joking when she said this. Read on and decide for yourself:.

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Bonnie realized she forgot something, and had to run back inside her house to grab it before she had a chance to respond. To her surprise, a response had already been sent! Bonnie called Susan to tell her what happened. Maybe it was him! Ditto is not a word that anyone in the family used, so no one knows where that came from.

It was a word that a man in spirit passed onto his girlfriend through a medium. The number one with the circle around it indicates that there is one message… from Jason! Hearing this story totally convinced me that our loved ones in heaven are conne cting with us through texts and cell phones.

The lengths they go through to get our attention shows us how much they love us. It really does seem that our loved ones in heaven are using technology to get our attention and let us know that they're still in our lives.

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If you have had an experience like this, please let us know in the comments. You may also like to read about more signs from heaven:. One day, they were in the basement exercising.

As always, they both set their phones aside so they wouldn't get damaged. At the end of the workout, my son noticed that he received a text.

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  7. It said one word, "Hi. The text was sent from my dad's cell phone which had been sitting beside my son's phone. Neither one had been touched during the workout, and there was no one else in the house at the time. The most interesting thing is that we had been reminiscing about my grandmother in spirit a lot that week. I smiled and said "Hi Grandma, I love you," back to her.

    What do you think? Are our loved ones in heaven really texting? You've got to admit, these stories are pretty amazing.

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