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It's charming, it's sweet, and you'll probably laugh out loud. I know I did. View all 8 comments. Apr 04, Jane It'sJaneLindsey rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , arcs-to-review , releases. Realistically more of a 4.

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Apr 21, Stacee rated it it was ok Shelves: edelweiss , read-in I had liked the first book in this series and was absolutely here for gay princesses. Sadly, this one fell short for me. Millie was just okay to me. I did love her smarts and dedication and love for her family. Flora was actually more of a marshmallow than I was expecting and was quite sweet.

Plot wise, it was boring. The saving graces for me were Saks and Perry and I could have easily read more pages of just the two of them. Jun 02, ellie rated it liked it Shelves: girl-meets-girl , book-release , the-bi-who-lived , queer-and-here. May 13, Emma rated it liked it. I loved Millie, the main character. She was interesting and funny and definitely tried to adapt to all things royal. It was nice to see another side of Flora and to get to know her better. Their relationship was very sweet, even though a bit sudden.

From the moment Millie realized she had a crush on Flora it all happened very fast, whereas in the first half of the book they didn't get along at all and 3. From the moment Millie realized she had a crush on Flora it all happened very fast, whereas in the first half of the book they didn't get along at all and didn't even interact very much. The side characters were also very nice and funny and I hope to see more of them in the next books hopefully there are more?

I don't know, nobody tells us anything here. Nov 17, mahana moved accounts. Jul 03, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Lowered slightly cause these books definitely follow a pretty set pattern and I wish the ending could have gone for a bit longer but other than that this was too cute!! Aug 19, Jacob Proffitt rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook , chaste , lgbt , romance.

This is second in a series and events and characters from the previous book have resonance and impact in this one. I highly recommend reading these in order. Well crap. I finished this over a week ago and it fell off my radar before I reviewed it. Not that I had much to say, really. I mean, if you read the first, then you know most of what you need to know for this one. Including the setup with a Scottish Royal Family and some of their weird dynamics.

This story is for Flora and finding love that This is second in a series and events and characters from the previous book have resonance and impact in this one. This story is for Flora and finding love that she can admit difficult as she can only wish that she were bisexual because things would be so much easier if she liked boys.

Millie has lots of wish fulfillment hand waving as a Texas girl who managed to wrangle a scholarship to the exclusive boarding school Flora is set to attend. She has been burned by being the secret girlfriend of her best friend and was crushed when said girlfriend dumped her at the end of their summer together to go back to her ex. So she is so done with being anybody's secret anything. So it's just as well that they're just roommates. I really liked this story of friendship and humanization. Flora has some very rough edges and tends to simply run over any obstacle that gets in her way and uses means that can splash back on those around her.

And Millie does not appreciate being caught in the fallout. So their friendship has to grow by degrees and Hawkins managed to portray that extremely well and I enjoyed every minute of it. I particularly liked how upfront the school was when administrators discovered that there might be a romantic relationship sharing a room no hysterics and no trying to tell them what to do or how to behave as the school policy has always been to treat the seniors as mostly-adults.

They just swapped them for different roommates—to prevent the potential for abuse and drama—and let them figure out the rest. Add some wonderful side characters and friendships and a plot that was interesting however unlikely and I was engaged and enjoying myself the whole way through.

So this is a four or five star read stupid memory that I'm rounding to five because my memories of it are all good ones. A note about the Audiobook : As with the first, the accents were important parts of the identities of the characters, so it was very gratifying with how well they were presented. Very well-done, I think including Millie's very mild Texan twang.

A note about Chaste : I don't recall any steam and they spend most of the story trying to figure out how they could relate to one another and whether they were going to commit or not. So this is a chaste read, I think? Like the first, the emphasis is on the relationship, not on the nekkid bits.

May 25, Eileen rated it did not like it Shelves: , lgbtqia , audiobooks. I read this because it was advertised to be gay as fuck. When did I get that? That it had some fancy geology program or something? After Milly gets there, geology is never mentioned again, aside from talking about her decor rocks she keeps in her room. I'm really sick of authors giving characters really cool hobbies and interests, basically shoving them into our faces and thoats in the first 10 pages of a book, and then never mentioning them ever again.

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Milly could have just gone to the school because she liked Scotland. No geology needed. Why invent an interesting fact when you don't use it?

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This isn't slow burn, it's garbage. There wasn't a proper development in their feelings towards each other, it went from not liking each other to 'hmmm she's not that bad' to 'nevermind I actually loved you the whole time' without any steps in between. I hope I'm explaining this right. I could paint Flora's face like a photograph, because I have every fucking detail burned into my ears I listened to the audiobook , since Milly can't shut up about it.

Believe it or not, girls who like girls also like personalities? We don't like girls just because they are pretty. I know, such a shock! I fucking read the synopsis! Every second sentence is 'Flora is so pretty! But she is the princess of Scotland and she lives in a castle in Edinburgh! Did I mention she is the princess?! I have boring brown hair and brown eyes, boohoohoo! The princess is too good for a normal girl like me, I'm so normal, boohoohoo!

She was a multifaceted character that was really brought to life by the narration. It's just sad that the actual text -well, Milly's words- don't portay her as such. But the good little 17 year old American orders a soda in a pup. I really just don't like Milly and this is another admittedly petty detail to antagonize her for. Because why not. A fucking princess kisses a girl in public during the royal wedding procession and That's it? The book ends?

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This book is just pure cheese with no actual, real problems and consequences for the characters. Maybe I'm just a bitter person, but show me people with actual problems. Not a story existing in a marshmallow bubble completely detached from reality. If I had found out that Milly and Flora were 12 instead of 17 I wouldn't have been surprised. This definitely wasn't it. But If you're in the mood for some pure fluff with no angst what so ever, this is the book for you.

I just had high hopes, that weren't met I should have known before, since I was aware of the books this author has written before but hey, a girl can dream. May 18, Sahitya rated it liked it Shelves: lgbtqiap , romance-and-or-relationships , contemporary-fiction , aty52 , young-adult , read. And after really having a lot of fun reading the shenanigans of a gay Prince in Red White and Royal Blue, I wanted to indulge in some sapphic goodness and enjoy the story of a gay Princess this time around.

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