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This item is a special order that could take a long time to obtain. Description Details Customer Reviews This marvellous collection brings together the great myths and legends of the United States--from the creation stories of the first inhabitants, to the tall tales of the Western frontier, to the legendary outlaws of the s, and beyond.

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In the book's section on dogmas and icons, for instance, Leeming and Page discuss the American melting pot, the notion of manifest destiny, and the imposing historical and literary figure of Henry Adams. For every myth or hero rendered here, the editors include an informative yet readable excerpt, often the definitive account of the story in question.

Taken as a whole, Myths, Legends, and Folktales of America reveals how waves of immigrants, encountering this strange land for the first time, adapted their religions, beliefs, and folklore to help make sense of a new and astounding place. Covering Johnny Appleseed and Stagolee as well as Paul Bunyan and Moby Dick, this wonderful anthology illuminates our nation's myth-making, enriching our idea of what it means to be American. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one!

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Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Email address subscribed successfully. A activation email has been sent to you. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Sitemap Index. Joe Magarac. Mountain men. Betsey and the mole. The Yankee pedlar. Billy the Kid. Jesse James. Wild Bill Hickok. Wyatt Earp. The hanging judge. The cowboy's prayer. Pecos Bill.

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Annie Oakley. Calamity Jane. Ma Barker. Bonnie and Clyde.

Myths, Legends, And Folktales Of America: An Anthology

Elvis : Jesus and Elvis. Gabriel Prosser and Denmark Vesey.

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Nat Turner. Brer Rabbit and the tar baby.

John Henry. Frankie and Johnny. Bessie Smith. Billie Holiday : lady sings the Blues.

Martin Luther King, Jr. To Mississippi youth. Malcolm X.

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The guru. Zuni: the separation of the first parents. A Cherokee Earth-diver creation myth.

Myths, Legends, and Folktales of America: An Anthology by David A. Leeming

A Tewa emergence creation myth. A Hawaiian creation myth. A Navajo myth of Changing Woman. A Sioux myth of White Buffalo Woman. An Inuit myth of Sedna. A Karuk myth of Coyote. A Tsimshian myth of Raven. A Brule Sioux myth of the coming of the white man. The virgin of Guadalupe. La Llorona [the weeping woman].

The sacred earth of Chimayo. The Penitentes, the Passion. The work ethic : Cotton Mather.