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Hay provides essential fibre and helps chinchillas to digest their food. It also helps to grind their teeth down, preventing them from growing too long and becoming painful. Chinchillas always appreciate treats but it is important to ensure that they are low in sugar and fats. Dried fruit can have high levels of sugar and other items like sunflower seeds are high in fat so should be strictly rationed. Secure their feeding bowl onto the cage or provide heavy earthenware bowls to avoid them being tipped over.

Remove uneaten food and ensure that their feeding bowls and bottles are cleaned and refilled daily. Providing toys and stimulating natural behaviour by hiding treats around their cage will keep them amused and stimulate natural feeding behaviours.

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In addition, branches and shelves allow your chinchilla to exercise by jumping around the cage. Chinchillas love to chew, so provide lots of chinchilla-safe wooden blocks or natural toys. A small pet playpen is useful as you can keep an eye on them whilst they play. When you first take your chinchillas home, give them a day or two to get used to their new surroundings without being disturbed.

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You should then start talking to them so that they get to know your voice. The next step is to introduce your hand into their cage and perhaps offer a treat. You should hold your pet close to your chest and facing you with one hand over its back and one hand supporting its bottom. Hold your chinchilla firmly but gently so that it feels secure. Chinchillas are clean pets. Replace soiled bedding daily and clean the entire cage thoroughly once a week using a pet-safe disinfectant. A healthy diet and hygienic conditions will help to keep your chinchillas in good health but there are a few potential problems that you should be aware of.

Chinchillas like to keep their soft fur clean and love a good dust bath!

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It may seem unusual but bathing in special chinchilla dust is a vital part of their grooming routine. Place a chinchilla bath filled with chinchilla sand in their cage and leave it in for about five or ten minutes at a time. Your pets should bathe several times a week to keep their coat shiny and clean. Chinchillas have very special little hands that can grab and hold items in much the same way that a human grabs and holds items. Chinchillas are highly unique because they are one of the few species in the wild that are monogamous. This means that they choose a partner, and keep that same partner for life.

This is seen more often in spiders, and even birds, but very rarely in mammals.

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Most wild chinchillas are grey or brown in color, while domestic pet chinchillas are the more colorful, with white, beige, and violet being common. Wild chinchillas in the Andes mountains rarely actually drink water because they eat a lot of fruits and succulent plants. Succulent plants are plants in the cactus family that hold a lot of water in them. The water inside the fruits and plants that the chinchilla eats gives them most of the water they need to live.

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    Pros A single chinchilla can achieve the cuteness of level of approximately eight kittens, scientifically speaking. To keep dry and clean, your chinchilla needs to roll around in a special plastic container filled with special chinchilla dust, such as the actual product All Living Things Blue Cloud Dust.