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In the last week though, a new dwarf planet has been discovered, which is officially called TG, but has been given the nickname 'The Goblin'.

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The Solar System is ancient. It's a theoretical bubble of icy debris predicted by scientists to be the furthest part of our Solar System, but remains tantalisingly undiscovered. If the Earth was 1 centimetre away from the Sun, the Oort cloud would be half a kilometre away. Even so, there are parts of the distant Solar System that we know about, such as the Kuiper Belt.

It's all good and well knowing facts about space, but how do you get there?

The Atlas of Moons

Find out here. So you've gotten to space.

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Okay, home time. How do you do it?

Saturn, Not Earth Or Jupiter, Has The Largest Storms In Our Solar System

You can't stand on Uranus. The whole of Mars is as cold as the South Pole. Mercury takes roughly three Earth months to orbit the Sun.

It would take times longer to travel around the Sun than the Earth. A day is longer than a year on Venus. The Solar System is roughly 4.

Life on Earth Can Thank Its Lucky Stars for Jupiter and Saturn

The Solar System might not end with Pluto. How do reactions power rockets? Summaries Headlines. The planets orbit a star just 73 light years As the new space race hurtles forward, researchers are asking: how do we make sure the winners can still stand when they reach Through modeling and The scientists found out that sulphur dioxide gas from the gas giant's Moon Io is the No planets like this can be found in our own solar system, Saltation causes electrical charges, that can oxidize minerals and ionize gases like Astronauts on the ISS spend hours every week cleaning the inside of the station's walls to prevent The planet, called L b, marks the Tuesday, September 24, Load more stories.