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Jeff Julkowski, 33, and Killian Rieder, 29, were on vacation when they came across an Aquamassage two years ago in a Utah mall. Julkowski, at the time a research analyst at Salomon Smith Barney in New York, said he needed only a few minutes inside the machine to recognize its potential.

The couple bought a used one and installed it in the common area of the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N. A year and half later, they own 12 machines in six locations, and Mr.

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Julkowski has quit his Wall Street job to run the business. He and Ms. Rieder have a plan: to bring Aquamassage to the stressed-out crowds in airports. Most of their customers are looking for a way to unwind after a hard day of shopping. Some, though, use the Aquamassage as a way to treat injuries. Hayes said his only negative experience with the Aquamassage occurred when he came to the mall with a friend's 3-year-old son.

Hayes said.

So how does the Aquamassage feel? I went to South Street Seaport to find out. After taking off my oxfords -- and nothing else -- I climbed in. Should anything go wrong an attack of claustrophobia, a sudden rip in the plastic shield Mr. Julkowski encouraged me to hit the large red panic button by my head, which would instantly stop the machine and pop the hood. I was given headphones broadcasting some far-out New Age music and put my face down in a paper towel.

The lid closed over me and the machine thrummed to life, blasting 36 jets of water into my shoulders at 12 pounds of pressure -- drumsticks thwapping away at me through a quilt.

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It tickled a little here, hurt a little there, just like a regular massage or a Jacuzzi, dry. However, if you were hurt in one of the common areas of the mail, you would sue the shopping mall instead. These areas include:.

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The mall owners have a legal duty of care to protect visitors to their mall from harm. This duty means that the owners are responsible for customer safety and are liable for anything that puts that safety at risk. Every state has a law holding shopping mall owners to a rather strict duty to protect their visitors from undue harm.


This duty does not mean that they are liable for absolutely any type of injury that occurs on the premises, but they are liable for any injury that happened because of a dangerous condition in their mall or a condition that should have been reasonably foreseeable to be dangerous.

Maintaining a safe mall is priority when it comes to avoiding accidents and personal injury liability. Malls are expected to look at the areas on their premises where it would be foreseeable that an accident would occur. Take escalators, for instance. Breakdowns happen on a regular basis, and malls are expected to run maintenance checks on these machines to ensure that injuries do not happen. Retail stores are expected to ensure that floors are clear and displays and items are secure to avoid accidents.

It is not a matter of being paranoid but being cautious and smart about what could or could not happen. However, if another mall visitor drops something on the floor in your walking path, and you trip over this item, hurting yourself, the mall is not responsible for your injuries. This will just lead to all kinds of skin issues, like acne. Far better to have a humidifier in the room.

The humidifier will naturally keep your skin moisturised, no matter how dry the air outside gets. Some like it hot.

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Careful when showering. You may really want to have a steaming hot shower, but it will just strip essential oils from your face, making it drier during the day. Try find a happy medium when it comes to shower temperature. All your body wants is a consistent heat.

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You could rather take a hot bath and wash your face at the basin instead. The only problem with baths is the strong desire not to leave them. Bathing is better for washing your hair too, if you insist on hot showers, because it will be difficult keeping your face from getting wet in the shower while washing your hair. Water, not a cup of coffee. Sure, we feel your pain when it comes to waking up in the dark hours.