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Oh boy Inspiration anywhere. Happy capitalist, passionate about living well, proud Twilio alum. Writes code and prose. Founder Invest2Innovate. Wearer of many hats except cowboy. Alternatively ifihadglass, would roam the earth until another asteroid strike was recorded, with a life dashcam. Huge cyclocross, photography, and web nerd as well. Being partially blind, ifihadglass I'd use it to augment my lack of peripheral vision, use presence apps to avoid bumping into others, etc. I'd document a wedding, editing, and delivery ifihadglass.

Flying in the face of ordinary! Help confront assumptions. I have a you tube channel with make up tutorials and product reviews, so check it out and subscribe!!!! I dream of using my glass on tour!! Maybe even a song will be inspired by your project!! Project Glass Tour ifihadglass [link]. Author of Culturetopia and professional speaker on leadership, culture and customer service.

HUGE pro tennis fan, active blogger and Portland fitness instructor. Network Administrator for a few internet communities. Professional Astronaut. IfIHadGlass I wouldn't miss a moment. I would capture every "Glass" moment and create memories to last. Memories would never leave my sight [link]. Product at Facebook. Maker of the finest margarita in Noe Valley. And it will be super fun to watch I'm sure! I wanted to make a Twitter page to communicate with the awesome people who are interested in communicating with me.

That means you, mom. I'm a Swagist. GoogleGlass [link]. Webmaster, Freelance programer. Custom code boutique web design shop in Vancouver wa. We build ideas for the internet. If you dream it, we can code it. Every adventure I take and record would be on display thanks to Google ifihadglass [link]. CEO of iStrategyLabs. Founder of dctechmeetup. POV of an innovator! I'm on my way to reconquer my kingdom. Let's write YouTube's next chapter: Life, broadcasted.

Bianca huffingtonpost. Gator for Life. Beat Everyone. Addicted to Hit Records. Single dad from Indiana. Former high school Spanish teacher and life-long entrepreneur. Love to travel - Especially Mexico and Jamaica! I could use current technology that my paralyzed hands do not currently let me use with ease. Jason Lindsey is an award-winning science educator.

Jason is the founder of Hooked on Science and visits hundreds of schools each year doing hands-on science. I'm interested in advertising, PR , energy, foreign policy and history and how all of these interconnect with technology. I'd explore the world around me in a new way. I'd look for the hidden history that lies beneath the surface of our reality. Well, more normal. Artist, researcher, educator, instigator; director of the creativeinquiry lab at CMU.

Editor, Cinematographer, and Motion Graphic Artist. Working at BioWare in L. This account is personal and does not reflect EA. I keep it real where others keep it fake. Love and Breath the Kingwood air. I would make it count. It would awesome to go paragliding and bike riding with them on. Also to be able to share it. Kewl ifihadglass [link]. Avid ab user of parentheses And fall asleep on planes. And eat chicken wings. And podcast. I would create a mobile payment method that scanned the consumer's face for real to verify payment authenticity.

Industry-Finance Analyst, f. Mom, wife, officer. Camping evangelist in the Korean community. Glass will give more fun to our wild life. Being self employed for 20 years I know the value of hard work and great service. I could give clients instant answers and record qualities that they like in a property. Opinions are my own. Also father of 3 boys 5, 3 and 1. Ifihadglass ifihadglass I would take as much video of my 3 little boys growing up in front of my eyes Follow me for more! IfIHadGlass: I would revolutionize mathematical education by integrating software right into a student's curriculum.

Passionate shopping center professional a skosh techy who loves all things retail, fashion, and food. Fueled by high-octane faith, family and jiu jitsu. Names Ray, Sting Ray. Loveable dude, livin' the dream. Often called Mr. Confused daily for Tom Felton. Are you a Raydiator? IfIHadGlass we'd travel the world and site-see together Proud husband and father of 4 kids and I love to cook! IfIHadGlass I will experiment it for use in HigherEd, since it integrates seamlessly to make things easier to catalog, retrieve and learn.

World traveler, guitar player, conspiracy buff, prepper, gold and silver investor, Father, Mac, comedy, solar energy, wind energy, content single guy. I live in the great Pacific Northwest, and I travel globally. I have a very diverse environment around me. Let me play Glass! Digital Strategy Director, Amazon Advertising. I believe in the future and the ability to make our most optimistic and inspired ideas of the future a reality. Past: Wired; Future: just you wait Smart brainstorming.

Co-founder of wjchat. ONA boarder. NAHJ 4life. Shoe addict. Entertainment junkie. Sports lover. East coast girl living the dream out west. I bet JoeJitsu would film his sparring [link]. Would love to do some augmented reality stuff with our engineers ifihadglass [link]. GM breakingnews, a mobile-first startup owned by nbcnews. Founder lostremote. I tweet a lot about mobile and socialtv. Thinker, husband, father, soccer fan, life-liver. Find contentment in surrender to each moment:good or bad. Go Lakers and Chelsea F. S ; projectglass [link]. I'd seamlessly share my life's experiences in this incredible, vibrant, beautiful city I'm lucky enough to live in.

NYC ifihadglass [link]. If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up. Entrepreneur passionate about helping people to take active role in their health to reach their full potential. Neurologist and technofuturist interpreting the latest human longevity research and news for practical use.

It is the next leap in the practice of medicine. I ShareHappiness. CScharp Asst. It's the human experience, to live learn and embrace life. Ok, this is a game changer. Hello, future. Dad, runner, boater. I don't care if I'm called weird. I want one of these. I'd prefer to be embedded on my brain V2?

Founder of siegemedia, a content marketing agency. I enjoy SEO, startups, blogging, and building scalable processes within businesses. Constitutional conservative. Gun enthusiast. Things I enjoy: art, cooking, martial arts, musicals, painting, philosophy, skateboarding and Zen. I would dare help the elderly in China. I would would wear them to every speaking event for a year to chronicle the idea exchange from the vantage point of presenter ifihadglass [link]. And telling your story visually. I want a pair please. Providing updates on my thoughts and happenings conveniently to those who may take an interest.

Hominid inspired by peace, tech, collaboration, film, skateboarding, living forever, learning and so forth. Co-founder rolltree. Music Video Guy. Online Marketing. Boy Genius. Web Developer. Hip-Hop Blogger. IfIHadGlass people would understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. I help hospitals and physicians communicate better.

The writer in me came out today. I need help. With beats on. Tweets are my own, even the ones with the serial numbers filed off. Safer driving! The glasses would display friends info on the lenses [link]. Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate. Clinical Informatics Specialist passionate about improving healthcare and lives through use of technology. Working on new venture to revolutionize how ppl connect. Community Lead at InsomniacGames. Cornnation Contributor. Huskers alum and superfan. Enjoys pizza. All opinions here are my own.

New perspective of our studio! Fred Frawley has been writing about intellectual property and social media issues for years. He has a national consulting practice putting these ideas to use. NYC Transplant, with a heart full of Philadelphia. I tell people what they think. I am a Red Tettemer. This tweet has no photo. No video. No vine. No sound. But it would ifihadglass [link]. I tweet about social media, marketing, Brooklyn, music, pop culture, kicks, Android, and motorcycles.

Father, builder, entrepreneur, hacker. I am passionate about life and helping others.


I am working towards living my optimal life and pursuing my dreams. All about media, tech, innovation, pr, marketing, craft beer, and home brewing. Hi, I'm Dan. I make videos on the Youtube. Follow, stalk and be part of my life! But not in a creepy way IfIHadGlass You wouldn't be watching my youtube videos, you'd be living them. Red Carpet Event Management. IfIHadGlass i would walk around and read all day. So sick. I would travel with them through many airports ifihadglass [link]. Former Genetics Nerd. Triathlete turned Crossfitter.

Burgeoning Seattle-ite. Experienced educational consultant, neurodiversity connoisseur, educator, keynote speaker,blogger and instructional technology doctoral student. Shooter based in Hollywood. I shoot mostly Music Videos and Documentaries. Check out my demo reel here. Document it all with glass. Executive Producer drinktothatpod.

Guy who eats things. Well, ifihadglass I would consider wearing contacts. But if reports or correct I'd still be wearing warbyparker-approved specs. Live show host,Grumpy Gamer and Machinima Partner. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and Live streams! Supporting Soldiers and families of the U. S Military! Events, telling stories, show impact Serial entrepreneur.

I love to travel. Authentic Education Consultant, Adjunct M. I would capture the best teaching and learning to share with the world! Digital Marketing Manager for InfiniteEnergy.

Thoughts on here are my own. As a behavior technician and filmmaker Glass would help greatly! Academic: Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy. Gamer: Ingress, Rift, Planetside2. Owner esotech. If I had Glass - I would of course read with it. Look up definitions, post quotes, blog, just share the booklove ifihadglass [link]. Director of Marketing Mogreet. Mobile, startups, branding, community, IR, social media, social crisis.

Man, if I had Google Glasses, this world would never be the same! Dog pictures, streets of LA and Venice, maybe some Oklahoma? Chiptunes, infosec research, static analysis. My very name crashes things. I am the advocate for the machines. I solemnly swear I am up to no good. BA in Journalism fcomnavarra. Blogger 10 minutes a day. Google Glass would help my 4 month old twins learn about the bold new world of tech Along with 1,s of auto dealers ifihadglass [link]. Can it survive 40 countries and 18 months?

I would do realtime tweets and hangout on my podcasts and live events ifihadglass [link]. Created apps for Obama, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. Founder of iPhoneDevCamp. I'm a lawyer who helps people with bill problems. Where can I get a decent bagel around here? I'd let my child see himself through my eyes ifIhadglass [link]. Create yourself. If you love life, life will love you back. Love being a Restaurateur eatpuesto and collegeboy Square. ProjectGlass ifihadglass I would show you what throwing a pitch in a major league baseball game feels like!

I love the outdoors. Nothing would be off limits. I would also enjoy life more, have less "stuff" with me, and live a truly singular life. I'm Joe Miragliotta, creator of Joe's Daily and host of 60sr. Saygent maker from SF likes code games negative space squirrels building robots grids indie science snacks designing logos hacking nodejs. Director of Social DEGdigital, geek, co-founder of kcsweaterparty, tech reporter, web strategist, speaker, YouTube vblogger!

Work hard, do good, and have fun. I'd put it through the ringer to re-imagine my photography. It would scout locations, find details, and share right from there. Games contributor Forbes. Views expressed here are my own. AmazingRace 19 Winner! GlutenFree Vegan but eats meat yet no beans. Ohio Gal. Pro Mess Anti Crap. COO at everpurse. Online marketing veteran, public speaker, entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and sports fan. I tweet about all of the above.

Lover of technology and digital culture. Explorer of cyberspace and virtual worlds. Serial hobbyist. From space. See also: manyareads, pluralsight. A The Suicide King. Information addict. Writer, Speaker, Activist. Engaged to TheNorwegianFox. YRNF Context. Design entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a prettier and happier place through delightful interiors and irresistible design objets. Wow ifihadglass it would be so fun to record "before and after" processes! President at Click Rain, Inc.

Passionate about digital trends, the future of mobile, political marketing, and entrepreneurship. The experience of Glass will give perspective. I want google glass to show my listeners what every day and every radio show is like, meetings laughs and more ifihadglass [link]. Glass Explorer. I love family, friends, wellness! I LOVE taking pictures n the moment, but it stops life. Official Title: Senior Storyteller. I help companies gain global visibility through social media, online community building and relationship development.

Arizona weather is fun and interesting and, from June-Sept, mostly hot. Then blog, tweet and microblog about them! My name is Mike Brady, I am a storm chaser based in southwest Iowa. I am also a Android app developer and tech guru who loves to skydive and chase tornadoes. I'd use them to share what it feels like to be at the starting line of the iditarod. IT Executive looking to professional network. Founder and Editor in Chief, coolhunting; ECD, largetail; Inventor, freehands; interaction designer; photographer; tattoo collector.

Oh and I'm a geek [link]. I have a healthy disregard for the impossible. JBMthe2nd Maybe projectglass need adventurous testers? IfIHadGlass I'd stream my expeditions live and get lost less. Why do I only follow simple. I would document my bold adventures from Estonia to Hollywood as the aspiring broke filmmaker that I am, making videos online. Subtle as a Supernova. The Universe is ours to share. PensTV Host. Still hopeful I'll grow out of my awkward stage someday.

Let's keep it clean, eh? I'm building the best mobile companies. I love seeing the local church thrive! I help churches implement strategy and pursue vision through my work with churchsimple. IfIHadGlass projectglass I would take viewers closer to the news than ever before, rather than setup a laptop, We'd integrate it with Framebase. Member of the GlassExplorers program by Google. I'm also a photographer and a random person always looking for new adventure. I was on Endurance 2. Award-Winning Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

I would document and show the world what it means to be homeless ifihadglass [link]. I'm a comedian. Worked building teacher network for Discovery DEN. Now Global ed. Hopeless ed tech geek since ' I feed off the energy of the crowd I cater to… the art of mixing speaks to me like nothing else - DJ Rich. Spanish, Business Angel. Quirky 'General of the Nidalian legions'.

IfIhadGlass I'd work all day with them, walking with my pajama, kayaking and would be an opportunity to collaborate on their development [link]. I would remind you what it's like 2 be a kid. We'll both wear the glass! Imagine images filing directly to EMR charts and dictation on the fly all from Glass. Canyons School District Director of Education Technology - Husband, dad, leader, teacher, learner, presenter, tech-lover, tech-hater.

Pedagogy first!

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I do business or something like it. Boston Sports. From Los Angeles. Use them to take pics while I bike as well. Take action pics in series. Add sensors to jacket for more safety.

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Recently married, avid hiker, explorer in AZ. Tennis, snowboarding, gym time. If I had glass, I'd use it my personal and business life [marketing], to discover new ways to share with friends and colleagues ifihadglass [link]. Geek, entrepreneur and yogi. Then I'd go to bed. Orientation Leader for the University of Minnesota. I make music and I'm kinda into being in front of large crowds. The Basic Life of George Anthony. All prices are for US customers of the Amazon. Please enter your email address and click the Follow button to follow Jessica Park!

Left Drowning. Weighted down by the loss of her parents, Blythe McGuire struggles to keep her head above water as she trudges through her last year at Matthews College. Get It Now. Available on Audible. For high-school senior Celeste Watkins, every day is a brutal test of bravery. And Celeste is scared. But college could set her free, right? If she can make it through this You won't just fall in love with this story--you will become addicted to it. When the college junior flees Flat-Out Love. He was tall, at least six feet, with dirty blond hair that hung over his eyes.

So, that was Matt. When I learned the word nadir point opposite the zenith of the celestial sphere , I knew that place was it. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother attended the school but never graduated because they had to drop out to work, pick cotton, or have babies. I was first besotted with Sapelo when I was I marveled at the Reynolds Mansion while the tour guide explained that groups could reserve the mansion.

But when he stated the cost involved, I thought, "Oh well, I'll never be able to stay here. Years ago I couldn't fathom the possibility of having a mentor such as the Great Terry Kay. As you can tell, my mind was full of reasons why good things weren't going to happen.

A theme of my experience has been about moving from that way of thinking to dwelling in possibilities. These days I'm officially off the chain. If I've learned anything, it's that spells and curses can be broken. If you do your part, the stars will not just fall into alignment, they will conspire in your favor. I know the tricky bit is figuring out what your part is and how it should be carried out. Advance tickets are required, so make sure you get yours before they are gone. And take advantage of the Early Bird Discount.

In the meantime, this is your charge: think outside the box; bust out of your comfort zone; blow the roof off the mutha; and imagine the outlandish possibilities. Here's my latest interview--this time on VividTalk Radio. Tell your local editor that you want it, and we'll make it happen! Herewith a sample column. Titled "Because I Said So! I'm having great fun with this, but I do need your help: please send questions for the column nothing is too silly, serious, or strange to notyourgrannysadvice gmail. We plan to syndicate the column early in , so tell your local newspaper that you want it.

My Advice Column Advisory Board reviews submissions to the new column. Sheila and Pam, my Waffle House waitresses, never steer me wrong. Fall is the season for my Down Home Writing School seminars, and this year I was again delighted to be in the company of fellow writers. Here's a little essay I wrote about the lessons of autumn and winter. I couldn't ask for a better, more spirited community of readers! Thousands of viewers disapprove of this rural Georgia family and its way of life.

They accuse them of inbreeding, child abuse, and over-consumption of processed foods. I recently decided to visit Honey Boo Boo and her family in order to see for myself. I must say that my worst suspicions were confirmed. As I suspected, Honey Boo Boo and her clan are my people. I come from that area of Georgia; I grew up by the train tracks like them; and their values and flaws are my values. Some of those are authenticity, resourcefulness, humor, love, fun, generosity, and trying to learn from bad choices. We are free of that bondage, and that makes some of you mighty uncomfortable.

I chuckle when I hear comments about how poor this family is. Compared to many, they are upper middle class. Dad has a solid job and a nice truck in addition to a work truck. They live in a house, not a caved-in singlewide. Honey Boo Boo has more sparkly heels than entire villages of drag queens. The best part of my visit with Honey Boo Boo was when we read together. She is advanced for her age and took pride in flaunting her ability with words. Because she understands her inner worth. And she already has proof that her dreams are well within reach.

Some of the comments and my responses from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about our visit. This one puts it all out there. Sadly, it makes those crazy women look better! You can see photos from my visit with Honey Boo Boo on my Facebook page. Join me Sept. Read more about the event here. She will be giving the book another plug soon, so stay tuned. Here's her 6-worder:. Brooke's memoir certainly reflects our CQ credo!

Ours is no caravan of despair! Contest voting was conducted via my Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who participated as an entrant or a voter. As you'll see below, the entries mirror the depth and breadth and joy and honesty found in CQ readers. Man, I am one lucky author. Here's my list of the 39 Most Notable 6-Word Memoirs submitted. Unintentionally channelling Lucy Ricardo every day! Surrounded by beige, I was fuchsia. Kissed by John Wayne, never bested. Lipstick wearing kid toting wonder woman. The Master turns messes into miracles. Life, a pain in my ass.

Here's a good little article that I think you'll enjoy. Thanks to Ed Grisamore of the Macon Telegraph. Lots happening in Cracker Land. Stay tuned--and be sure to see all the new photos on the Picture Show page. Well, of you showed up and gave me the highlight of my summer. It was a wild, raucous, theatrical, unruly, untamed, and unbelievably beautiful gathering. View the photo evidence here.

It was an afternoon of sass, sisterhood, and story. The latest review from Blogland. Well, I got a great surprise when Donna Havrilla, my beloved English teacher, showed up at a book club gathering in Macon. I worship her still! The owner named the old heap "Lauretta. Speaking of The Hive, you must drop by for the Grand Opening. There will be beehive hairdos and white lightnin' lemonade. What else could we possibly need? I'm so thrilled to tell you about The Hive.

Part den, part seminar center, and all fun, The Hive will be the headquarters for my programs and confabs beginning in June. It will also be a hub of learning, laughter, and good times. I hope to see you there this year. More than anything, know that you are always welcome at The Hive! I wondered about him for years; now I wonder at who he is. Let's just say that the stage might be aflame by the time I finish my presentation.

The lineup is stellar; the venues are spectacular; and it's free. So get yourself down to Savannah. I might even let you buy me a PBR at Pinkie's. I'll talk about how to bust writing blocks and barriers. Stay tuned. A visit to the lunch counter at Valley Pharmacy in Dillard, GA, turned into an impromptu book sale and signing! Thanks to everyone there. Among the highlights:. If you have skeletons in your closet, you'd best teach them to dance.

Welcome to my world. Or should I say the world I grew up in.

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Come and see my bad teeth from a childhood without dental care. Watch scarcity ground my people down to nothing. Marvel at our measly dreams of one day owning a car or winning the lottery. Those who used to watch us are becoming the watched themselves. This new poverty will break more of us than it will strengthen. But for those it strengthens will come extraordinary character, resourcefulness, gratitude, grit, and tenderness.

The current economy is humbling. Telling our kids to do their homework by flashlight when the electricity is disconnected. All is well. It says so on my garage. That's nephew Josh Graff; he'd just finished painting the words. One of my childhood homes in Warner Robins, GA. September dear worshipful fans, This is where I come from. It's desolate, brokedown, and abandoned now.

Daddy's ham shack was in the back room on the left. We conducted our telepathy experiments there and spent summer nights listening to The Planets, Zoot Sims, and Cannonball Adderley as described in the book. I bring this up to say that it's not the shell, or what's outwardly apparent, that matters. Sounds awfully hackneyed, I know, but it really is the inside that counts. Do you have what it takes to be a Sassy Omega?

Click here My greatest regret, success, fear? All is divulged HERE. Tires or Testicles --listen to the new song inspired by The CQ. Written and performed by the Apostles of Bluegrass. Raise a little hell. Forgive someone. Life is good. You'll find me in the clip at 2 minutes and 5 seconds now you see why I wear loud clothes! More importantly, I hope you'll attend the festival next year--you won't regret it. What am I doing this summer? Writing, of course! And I hope you'll follow my lead and do whatever gives you the greatest joy. In a room with a rapist, a murderer, and assorted petty criminals, there is serenity in this place.

It is a sanctuary, a privilege, and they know it. They sacrifice their recreation time to be here. When I tell folks I volunteer in an art and writing class in a juvenile detention center, they always ask, "What do the students draw? Well what do the writers write about? They all turn to God and love. When they enter this room, they don't dwell on why they're locked up, what they've lost, or anything else negative. They choose to express the love they have for their family, their friends on the inside, their yearning for spiritual connection. Personally, I'd like to see some rage and anger because it makes for great writing, but they don't want to go there.

In many ways they are typical teenagers. They don't cross the threshold of the classroom and automatically become peaceful, enlightened beings, but they try. And they hunger for better. I feel a kinship with these young men. They don't realize it yet, but they too are Cracker Queens. We raised enough moolah to buy more than 1, pounds of nutritious food for local needy families. With Kathy Norton, the former Waffle House waitress who supported me while I wrote parts of the book at her counter. She received long-overdue recognition at the Porch Party. The rain threatened, but the setting was enchanting.

We'll be having a porch party to celebrate, and I hope to see you there! All hail the power of laughter! I share this in hopes of encouraging you. Whatever your crazy dream, go in its direction. Run from those who would dissuade you through their silence or outright negativity. I am proof that it can be done, and I am no different than you. Do not squander your gifts and talents. You're cheating yourself--and all of us--when you do. Because I put fear in its place and chose to be my authentic self. I quit my job in the midst of the Recession to be what I was born to be: a writer.

It's no wonder that my next book will be a spiritual memoir. But don't you Cracker Queens worry: this ain't Granny's bedside devotional. It is And you will laugh. In the meantime, The Cracker Queen will begin anew as a paperback this spring, and I have quite a few things up my sleeve for you in Look at what Nancy Grace held in her hot little hands on January 5, Click here to watch. I'll leave you with a fine and funny article published recently by the daily newspaper in Athens, GA.

Get the scoop on my obsession with Tolstoy, the importance of rhythm to my writing, and my taste for devilish accessories. I hope you enjoy the story. Oh, the people I have met! A criminal investigator from Alabama who proudly owns a crochet sweater once worn, and sweated in, by Loretta Lynn. An auto body expert in Georgia who reconditions plastic bumpers and says she's "feisty as hell. And men, too: gay, straight, elderly, college kids, accountants, artists, and regular guys. They've all written in recent weeks to tell me that they enjoyed The Cracker Queen. Their letters are among the greatest joys of my writing life.

I tell you not as a braggart but as someone deeply grateful to my readers. It looks like I'm about to issue the altar call. I wrote parts of the book while in their restaurants. The interviewer asked some great questions about the book. I'm also excited to report that the Down Home Writing School is in summer session. I'm saving a seat for you aspiring writers out there. Fun times are afoot in the Queendom: I'll be arriving at a local event on the back of a turquoise '55 Thunderbird, and a little later I'll do a reading from atop the bar at Pinkie Master's in Savannah.

Readers know that Pinkie's is my favorite dive bar on the planet. To paraphrase Helen Keller, life is either an adventure or nothing at all. Just landed home from the first four weeks of The Southern Tour. What an unmitigated blast it has been! Through the window I saw a man walking the highway, carrying a cross on his back and pulling a small cart behind him.

A blue police light was mounted on the cart. I reproduce it here as Hank wrote it:. But listen to me son, when the time comes, take this guitar and hand me down, hand me down if your weary, hand me down son if you get sick or tired. Hand me down when the time comes. Hand me down my son to your son. Teach him all your songs and have his grand daddy moan, and tell that boy to carry on. The best writing always does. Lee is The Man. Josi Squires, who is the sales diva there, is a Queen of the Highest Order. I noticed she had what looked like Saran Wrap tied tightly around her wrists and ankles.

She explained that she was in the process of having her tattoos removed. I love me some Josi! Old places with tin-stamped ceilings and tile floors and a view of the train tracks. The Delta is just like in the movies. Shotgun shacks, grand mansions built by cotton money. A rooster crows at the Delta Feed Company.

Excited and humbled to share the bill with Rick Bragg. The grounds were spectacularly lush, serene, and loud with songbirds and woodpeckers. This counter gets points for having a large selection of phosphates. Never a happy place and you can still feel it. Mama flung her arms wide and hugged everyone in attendance. A total success. The icing on the cake: we learn that the book has been named a Bestseller by Southern independent booksellers!

There I met my youngest reader, a delightful eighth grader named Sarah Etier. Even though I arrived after 11pm, Darla and Hugh welcomed me warmly. Darla then foisted a giant slice of homemade Cracker Pie in my hand. I devoured every crumb and fell into sweet slumber. The McKay House is special indeed. Is it all the work of the same doctor? Facial plastic surgery was rampant too. Imagine what could be accomplished if those women turned their considerable energy and devotion to something that actually mattered. Chatting with novelist Lee Smith in Chattanooga.

I also had a rare day off and spent it at the magnificent Nashville Library. The collections are vast and well-selected. The Grand Reading Room is a palace. My favorite place to be: surrounded by books. Thanks for your support--and much appreciation to all the fine booksellers who made it possible. It's getting good reviews around the country, and my publicist is filling up the calendar with media interviews. In the meantime I'm scurrying around, getting ready for the best part of all: meeting some of you on my month-long book tour. Here it is. Chef Ali is so charming he could make cow chip tea seem tasty.

The complete details will be posted shortly on the Appearances page. I will soon be a fulltime writer. Mama and me. I guess I developed an early penchant for PBR. Okay, I was just pretending to drink it. We were depraved but not that depraved. It seems that all emotions are in overdrive. One minute I'm on the verge of tears over all the dead people in my address book--and the next minute I'm donning reindeer antlers and doing a jig at an office party.

It's a messed-up and magnificent season in my life. Themes of love, imagination, and indomitable spirit drive the story. It's a celebration of two "little" people who fight the world and do it well. To paraphrase my friend Bob Strozier, if people have a Christmas sensibility--the giving, receiving, anticipation, waiting for the surprise, giving the surprise, looking beyond and behind at the mad, mysterious self of Christmas--if people have all of that--the story resonates.

In my mind no one has conveyed the pleasure-pain of Yule like Capote. Consider reading or re-reading A Christmas Memory this year. More on that later. Apparently, the editor of the magazine's Georgia Living section happened upon one of my postcards at a welcome center in Macon, Georgia, or on Interstate 20 near the Alabama line.

He can't remember which. The odd thing is this: I have never put postcards in any such place. And I'd love to know who you are. My trip to New York went well. My publisher plans to send me on a four- to six-week book tour of the Southeast. It will be called The Southern Tour. I cannot wait to meet some of you on my journey. That will be the best part.

Lost: Jessie’s Girl. If Found, Please Give Her a Name

She lived two blocks down the road from us but I only saw her a total of ten times during my whole lifetime. She was old from the beginning. The day I was born in , Grandma was already She lived to be 98 years old and Daddy says she was healthy until the end. I wondered what healthy meant to Daddy. Grandma was blind in one eye. She had severe osteoporosis that left her with a dowager's hump the size of Quasimodo's on her back and she was toothless.

I guess healthy meant she was still breathing. Grandma had given birth to seven children but only five survived. Grandma blamed the death of her two toddlers on a broken window that my Grandpa's lazy ass never repaired. She said the cold winter air blew right through that window into the lungs of those babies creating a deadly pneumonia that killed them in five days flat. Grandpa got blamed for most anything that went wrong in the family and everything imaginable went wrong in the family. There were 3 boys and 2 girls all born two years apart and they all hated each other with a passion. They grew up in Savannah on Macon Street and were born and bred to despise their siblings.

My daddy hated his brother and his brother hated his sister and so it goes right on down the line. I remember thinking that with a family like this who needs enemies. We had a truckload of them all with the same last name. Grandma died in and she was buried up in Sylvania next to Grandpa who had luckily died thirty years before her. There were three other burial plots next to them and their children fought tooth and nail over who was to be buried next to Mom and Pop.

My two aunts argued the most over the burial plots. The three boys only argued over the plots when they were drunk and that in itself is another story. Aunt Margaret died first and was buried next to Grandma while Aunt Barbara was planted at the head of Aunt Margaret's gravestone in a vase since she had been cremated.

The three remaining sons decided not to speak to each other for the rest of their lives but when two of the brothers died they had requested in their will to be cremated and to have their ashes scattered "next to Mama. This may sound strange, but I just love all the hatefulness in her family. It's a refreshing and honest depiction rather than the sugary confections we typically read about families.