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Cabbage is a good vegetable for new gardeners — it grows fast and is fun to watch as it forms giant heads. Cabbage is a cool weather crop that tolerates some frost.

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It can be planted in the early spring for a late spring harvest and again in the late summer for a fall harvest. For organic pest control, protect plants with floating row cover. Either buy seedlings from a nursery or, for a more frugal option, plant seeds in peat pots indoors six to eight weeks before transplanting outside.

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Try Copenhagen Market, a Dutch heirloom variety suitable for most home gardens. For fall gardens, Late Flat Dutch is a good choice.

Harvesting Cabbage : The heads should be harvested when they feel solid and have good color. If not harvested in time, they will split. To harvest, cut the stem with a sharp knife leaving two to three outer leaves to prevent the head from bruising.

Keep the outer leaves intact and do not wash before storing for best results. Season-extending tip : When harvesting the head, leave the stem, roots, and four or more leaves in place at the base of the plant. The plant will produce a second crop of several small heads. Cabbage is pretty darn close to a super food.

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A one cup serving of raw shredded cabbage contains 17 calories and is an excellent source of vitamins C and K. Cabbage has been a home remedy for ulcers and has been shown in studies to lower the risk of some cancers, including breast and lung.

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Cabbage stir-fried with chard, carrots, green peppers, celery, and onions. Coleslaw and BBQ ribs, a classic combination along with smashed new potatoes. As noted above, fresh cabbage will keep for several months in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. But if you have more cabbage than refrigerator space, there are a few ways you can preserve it. To say thank you to our members for all you have done for pollinators, we have a present for you, Bee Identification Cards!

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You can download them by logging in and then clicking here. We hope you will use them in your garden this year! Please join us now as pollinators are flying and we are hoping to get many counts! You can register here.

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Basic instructions can be found in the Quick start guide and data sheets are under Downloads. If you are concerned about using neonicotinoid pesticides in your gardens, here is a link to a list of the products that you can buy in many garden shops that contain neonicotinoid pesticides. Join our flagship Great Sunflower Project Program. Plant a Lemon Queen variety sunflower and help identify the effects of pesticides on pollinators. Join our Pollinator Friendly Plants and Places program.

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