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Dictionnaire des anglicismes Paris: Larousse. Jean Dubois et al.

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The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology Onions, G. Friedrichsen, and R. The Oxford Dictionary of Nicknames Clive Upton, William A.

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Kretzschmar Jr. Oxford Dictionary of Psychology Andrew M. Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms Manuel A. Ezquerra and Dudenredaktion. Mannheim: Bibliographisches Institut. The Oxford English Dictionary — Sir James A. Craigie, and Charles T. Supplement and Bibliography Supplement —86 ; ed. Robert W. John A. Simpson and Edmund S. Additions Series , —97 , eds. Simpson, Edmund S. Weiner, and Michael Proffitt. Simpson and — Michael Proffitt. Oxford English Mini Dictionary Catherine Soanes. Oxford German Dictionary Cape Town: Oxford University Press. The Oxford Latin Dictionary Diana Lea.

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source link Philadelphia: T. Bruce Rodgers. San Francisco: Straight Arrow. Rabbit and Pork, Rhyming Talk John Lawrence. London: Hamilton. Laurence Urdang. Sinnvoll schreiben, trennen, Zeichen setzen. Theodor Ickler. Goar: Leibniz. Ken Granger and Joseph R. New York: HarperCollins. Peter M.

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Revised edition , ed. Robert A. George W. Third edition — Heidelberg: Winter. Tom Dalzell. Abel Boyer. The Royal English dictionary: or, A treasury of the English language Daniel Fenning. Max Vasmer. Leslie Alan Dunkling. London and Edinburgh: Johnston and Bacon. Scottish Surnames David Dorward. Edinburgh: Mercat Press. The Scots Thesaurus Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press. Search 30, Baby Name Meanings. Sentence Dictionary Eric Neal. London: Hulton Educational. Hardcover Topic see all Topic. Literature 3.

Politics 1. Science 1. Special Attributes see all Special Attributes. CD-ROM 3. Revised Edition Dust Jacket 1. Ex-Library 3. Publication Year see all Publication Year. Pre 2. Series see all Series. Oxford Language see all Language. English Spanish 2. Publisher see all Publisher. Oxford University Press Condition see all Condition. Designed and developed by Ankit Hinglajia. By Susan Ratcliffe. Description The most authoritative paperback dictionary of quotations available, containing over 9, quotations from more than 2, authors, the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations is both a fascinating read and an invaluable general reference tool.